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a broad heel of medium height on women's shoes

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31 ( ANI ): Simon Cowell, who is already known for wearing Cuban heels, was seen attaining some more height by sitting on a cushion at a 'Britain's Got Talent' audition this week.
The range includes sandals, slippers, party wear, toe posts, wedges, Cuban heels, stilettos, moccasins, brogues, deck shoes and open sandals for females and pure leather shoes and sandals for the male fraternity.
Liverpool will prosper if it continues to dance to the same beat - I just hope my Cuban heels are up to the test for the big weekend
leather, duck's ass and Cuban heels, a town that thinks of itself
I did take to wearing Cuban heels to build up my height a bit, but my friends kept taking the mick out of me for doing that.
The suits were outrageously bad so I went for the leather jacket and Cuban heels, which were fantastic - although I have to say it's hard to chase criminals in Cuban heels.
Shoes: Hush Puppy oxfords, platforms and thick Cuban heels are still around, but flat-heeled thongs such as J.
The Welsh Presbyterian minister, who wore Cuban heels to add extra inches to his 5ft 6in frame and drove a Fiat 127 decorated with flame-blowing serpents in the small Mid Wales coastal town, then admitted severing the private parts of three male bodies.
Except Beau can look forward to a career that's long enough to keep generations of Cowell descendants in the style to which he's become accustomed - high-waisted jeans and Cuban heels, then.
It's a completely different experience from walking out in a spangly costume and Cuban heels to perform a ballroom tango you've learned only four days previously.
There were Panama hats and Cuban heels aplenty as dancers from each country performed to traditional folk music to a
White T-shirt, white linen pants and white Cuban heels.
Over the years I have worn stylish clogs, Chelsea boots, Cuban heels, platform shoes and ones with toes that were so long and pointed that they curled up at the end liKe Aladdin's slippers.
When I was at school the problem was with hair grown much too long and wearing winkle-pickers with Cuban heels.
Hot on the Cuban heels of Raul Malo's sensational orchestral concert with Northern Sinfonia at SummerTyne 2011, it is thrilling to have him back this year, fronting his original band and on the back of their smash hit reunion album In Time," said a spokesperson for the event.