Cuban heel

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a broad heel of medium height on women's shoes

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Trainer Clive Cox may continue his fine form this month with Grand Koonta and Cuban Heel at Newbury this afternoon JOHN WALTON
The Bootleg Beatles Following on from Alma De Cuban Heel, one of The Beatles' biggest tribute bands, The Bootleg Beatles, will be rocking the Philharmonic Hall, from 8pm.
White T-shirt, white linen pants and white Cuban heels.
In his prime, he's poisoned by greed and ambition as the Cuban heel in Brian De Palma's Miami vice.
Preston: the two-faced poser I called him out to be, and now just a down at the Cuban heel ordinary boy, and that eejit from Goldie Lookin' Chain, back in Wales, his record contract cancelled.
He's a Cuban, and he's also a Cuban heel, spending each lesson feeding cheesy lines to the newest girl in the class.
No stranger to the Cuban heel, Al is a well-known shorty - but it doesn't stop him getting tough parts such as Don Corleone in The Godfather III.
Al Pacino's kind of funny and scarily intense as a Cuban heel in Miami.
And if you want to appear taller, bear in mind that the Cuban heel gives a few inches of added height, too.
He added: "I sometimes forget I have the latin or cuban heels on in the studio and I'd walk over to the coffee shop around the corner to get a coffee.
WESTERN BOOTS BY FAR the most practical of the autumn line-up, western boots come with Cuban heels, which are rarely higher than the two-inch mark.
Are you wearing Cuban heels or have I shrunk in our washout summer?
Kitchen floor in just Cuban heels & T-shirt having
After a planned reunion of the band didn't happen, and with a couple of new songs already written, they got together with old pals guitarist Laurie Cuffe of Cuban Heels and double bassist Shug Jamieson of The Spooks.
He was dressed in black leather jacket, black skinny jeans and white Cuban heels, along with his trademark skull-adorned cowboy hat.