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Planning approval is not need if your conservatory has a volume less than 96 cu yds or covers less than half the original size of the garden area.
With a hopper opening of 42 in., a volume of 2 cu yds and a throughput range of 200 to 5,000 lbs/hr, the RG42 features an advanced cutting rotor, optimized controls, integrated hydraulics with oil cooling and a hydraulic clutch.
The steel jobbing shop was using an average of 150 tons of sand per day; with spent sand transportation charges of $350 per 12 cu yds and new sand charges of $575 per 26-ton load.
Under this award the company said that it will create 2.8 miles of beach and dune habitat, as well as 281 acres of marsh with an expected 4.9m cu yds of sand borrowed from the Mississippi River and 1.7m cu yds of marsh material borrowed from an offshore source in the Gulf of Mexico.