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infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges (the tissues that surround the brain or spinal cord) usually caused by a bacterial infection

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CSM Hollis was put in command of a party to cover an attack on the gun, but the movement was held up.
Also new for 2015, CSM is proud to welcome its new Director of Global Culinary, internationally acclaimed chef Morgan Larsson.
has also subscribed for GBP 50,000 of CSM Preference Shares and will
Following a successful implementation, CSM has effectively centralized its business-critical data while streamlining processes such as project management, logistics, and document management, saving approximately 25% in costs.
He said: "The name CSM will continue and it's business as usual.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, I rushed through the crowd to the VIP seating to meet CSM Plumley.
CSM Pflieger entered the Army in 1982, as a multi-channel equipment operator--maintainer.
Internet Decisions and CSM Research have a proven record of expertise in conducting and managing research projects, but they also were chosen for this important initiative because of their expertise in working in the technology sector and a longstanding commitment to serving the technology community in Georgia," said Tino J.
Russell Cradduck joins CSM United Kingdom as Sales Manager for Key Accounts with considerable experience both outside and within the food industry.
Hailon CSM grades under development include low viscosity grades, and grades for thermoplastics and adhesives and coatings.
Gerard Hoetmer, chief executive of CSM, said: "We aim to be the first in the mind of our customers when it comes to creativity, problem solving and innovation in bakery supplies.
CSM Wells has a remarkable background--highly decorated with two combat tours; Airborne, Ranger, Air Assault, and Sapper; Drill Sergeant; Exchange NCO with the Australian Army; and he has excelled in every leadership position from squad leader to CSM.
Cake manufacturer Kate's Cakes has been bought by Danish food giant CSM in a deal worth 32.
The Air Force's Community Sensor Model (CSM) Program Team developed a CSM Interface that eliminated proprietary, technical, and political barriers across all DoD reconnaissance systems.
Automotive market analysis and forecasting group CSM Worldwide recently reported on potential problems facing the expanding hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) industry in North America.