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Synonyms for crystallization

the formation of crystals

a rock formed by the solidification of a substance


a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation

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Especially, the primary crystallites is less at cooling rate of 5 C/min, which obtains from smaller melting peak represents primary crystallites of PLLA during non-isothermal crystallization process.
It is produced through a proprietary compound crystallization process that binds pure cane sugar and Reb A stevia together.
When water changes from liquid into ice, the crystallization process releases heat, which is transferred up through the ice column.
The sea salt it uses is prepared with a special evaporation and crystallization process that results in a lower-sodium sea salt, unlike what you buy in the store.
Its products aim to standardize the crystallization process for protein crystallography and include prefilled screening tools, reagents and microplates.
In addition to demonstrating how these highly organized amelogenin structures serve as scaffolds for enamel formation, the findings suggest that the same protein structures might initiate, or nucleate, the crystallization process, the researchers say.
Examples were EPP flower pots, molded with special tooling and a patented crystallization process, which requires only slightly longer than normal cycles (3 min).
Although advances have been made through practical experience, a need remains for systematic and principled studies to improve our deep understanding of the crystallization process and provide a basis for the planning of successful new experiments.
The use of other constitutional units that interfere with the crystallization process in the hard segments or improve the compatibility of the hard and soft segments (prevent phase separation) is a further means of creating transparent materials (chemical approach).
They have been able to observe differences in crystal form, distribution, and amount, as well as in the crystallization process itself.
Computer simulation is used to analyze key growth surfaces in the crystallization process.
The first derivative is a picture of the actual solidification, and the area it contains is the energy being released by the crystallization process.