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any of numerous minute rudimentary crystalline bodies of unknown composition found in glassy igneous rock

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An ultrashort hard x-ray pulse, which is delayed relative to the pump pulse, is diffracted from the excited powder of crystallites to map the momentary spatial arrangement of electrons via an x-ray diffraction pattern.
The degree of crystallinity ([X.sub.c]), onset of melting ([T.sub.mOnset])> and melting ([T.sub.m]) temperatures of the PA 12 [gamma] crystallites (Peak II) and the smaller/imperfect ones (Peak I), within neat PA 12 and GL-GNPs/PA12 PNCs, have been determined from the DSC heating traces.
The black fringes in the HRTEM micrograph correspond to the layers of MoS2 crystallites which are evenly distributed on the surface of the -Al2O3 support.
"Hydroxyapatite crystallites are the fundamental units of enamel, each less than 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair," said Ungar.
The analytical results of PXRD and EDAX studies have clearly identified nano crystallites of homogenous phase of calcium carbonate which are essential for its application in the field of catalysis and energy sources [19], [20].
The average sizes of the crystallites, determined qualitatively by application of the Scherrer equation, were on the nanoscale.
The average crystallite size of S1 is 252 nm and that of S2 is 346 nm, by measuring the size of 60 particles of S1 and S2 and obtaining the average of them.
It shows that pure and doped Ti[O.sub.2] nanosized crystallites agglomerate into porous polyhedral particles which measure 10-20 [micro]m in size while CuO and CuO/Ti[O.sub.2] present as coarsening particles with low level of agglomeration.
The number of crystallites per unit area of each sample, N, was obtained using the expression in (7) as reported in [32].
X-ray diffraction (XRD) reveals that the synthesized ZnO has hexagonal crystal structure with mean crystallite size of 29 nm.
The crystallites size of each plane can be determined by Scherer's formula which is given below.
From the SEM pictures (Fig 1), it is clearly observed that the precipitated crystallites of was spherulite morphology with narrow size distribution of about few micron in diameter, the spherulite is composed of tiny nanosize platelets of loosely aggregated stabilized structure.
In the bloodstream, malaria parasites invade and gorge on hemoglobin, converting it into tiny crystallites called hemozoin, says micromechanist Weng Kung Peng of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology in Singapore.
The key to water vapor resistance is a sufficient number of oriented crystallites throughout the material.