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When your employees are exposed to silica, this new rule requires employers to follow requirements in the Crystalline Silica rule, Chapter 296-840 WAC, to protect workers from crystalline silica--implementing a site/ project specific plan with controls to mitigate exposure.
Circuit Court of Appeals for review of the crystalline silica rule.
This would be consistent with the decedent developing acute silicosis after an extremely high exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Such findings indicate the importance of educating at-risk workers and their employers regarding the dangers of exposure to respirable crystalline silica in the workplace.
Crystalline silica has the capacity to stay on hands and clothing during the course of contact, so it's as simple as washing hands before eating, drinking and smoking.
Michaels says, "Later this year, we plan to propose an updated standard that will protect workers from the deadly hazards of crystalline silica." Silica exposure is linked to severe lung disease.
EUROMINES, the European Association of Mining Industries, has become party to a novel voluntary health and safety agreement between European Union (EU) employer and employee organisations, which aims to limit mine and quarry worker exposure to crystalline silica dust.
Exposure to crystalline silica was primarily restricted to a few facilities.
It's caused by nonreversible scar tissue in the lung that results from an overexposure to dust that contains microscopic particles of crystalline silica.
People working in these sectors are likely to come into contact with hazards from chemicals ranging from benzene (in fuel), crystalline silica (construction materials), to fumes and vapours including organic solvents, wood dust and welding fumes.
The inhalation of airborne crystalline silica has long been associated with lung disease.
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Executive Vice President, Compliance & Operations Gary Multings and Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Kevin Walgenbach review raw materials, plant conditions, housekeeping measures, worker protection, exposure monitoring and best compliance practices in "Guide for Silica Regulations and the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry." Based on the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's "Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for General Industry and Maritime," the document was prepared to help producer members abide agency regulations effective June 2018.
These resources, as well as documents from OSHA, are available on the Crystalline Silica Resource page at
Essentially, if your company performs tasks with any of the following materials, you will likely be required to generate a site/project specific Silica Exposure Control Plan to limit worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica in the workplace.