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Synonyms for crystal

a solid formed by the solidification of a chemical and having a highly regular atomic structure

a crystalline element used as a component in various electronic devices

a rock formed by the solidification of a substance

colorless glass made of almost pure silica

glassware made of quartz

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a protective cover that protects the face of a watch

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From the permeability evolution law, the permeability for crystalline rock in the compressive regime due to moderate pressure and temperature canbe estimated from the volumetric strain curve.
Due to its easy exploitation and good quality, when compared with water stored in crevices of crystalline rocks, the water from the alluvial aquifer of the Forquilha River becomes an important source for both human and animal consumption, as well as to irrigate small plantations, such as maize and bean.
So far, mechanistic models have been successful applied to "simple" systems composed by single clean mineral surfaces and pure electrolytes but problems arise with the application of mechanistic models in complex natural solids, as it is a crystalline rock. As compared to purified or single mineral, it is much more complicated to obtain all the parameters needed for their application, in particular to define the identity and quantity of available surface sites.
became over-thrust upon Upper Cretaceous strata, and overthrusts within crystalline rock complexes were formed as well (Kasza, 1964).
The patch, painted with powder made from a crystalline rock which absorbs radiation, was launched by inventor Kim Dandurand and Scots pharmaceutical scientist Dr David Hamilton, at Glasgow Science Park.
The calm flow drifts against a wall of crystalline rock, patterned with radial cracks emanating from below.
With each successive leg dedicated to either ridge-crest or crystalline rock drilling, ODP has gained better understanding of the problems posed by bare rock and fractured formations.
But under adverse conditions and especially in crystalline rock, where the large bit weight is needed, the penetration rate will be reduced sharply by maintaining the low bit loads needed to reduce crooked hole tendencies.
The estimated five-year, $80 million project is supposed to deliver data on whether 16,000-foot boreholes drilled into crystalline rock formations at four locations nationwide--including one in Alamogordo and another in Quay County--would work for nuclear waste disposal, according to an ExchangeMonitor report.
For the purposes of AFT analysis a set of varied crystalline rock samples from the Hunza Karakoram was used.
The landscape is wild and stony, with garrigue (Mediterranean scrub, rich with wild herbs) alternating with patches of gnarled vines, growing in red earth and bare scars of limestone and schist (a crystalline rock).
It has a very old crystalline rock core that's covered with ice and glaciers, and it's surrounded by younger rocks," said Shilts, the executive director of the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability at Illinois.
Since supposedly it had never rained on planet Earth before the flood, no (or very little) sedimentary rock could have formed before this time, and pre-flood locations (like the Garden of Eden) had to have existed on a crystalline rock basement devoid of sedimentary rock or on a thin cover of sedimentary rock deposited between the Creation week and the Flood.