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Synonyms for crystallization

the formation of crystals

a rock formed by the solidification of a substance


a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation

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The canal would just be sort of the culmination or crystalization of all that; but it's much easier to imagine these days than it used to be.
Gradually, through this re-writing process, a process of crystalization occurred, where essential meanings were brought out and incidental details were allowed to fall away.
1) in positive temperatures which present melting point of two different crystalization types: VA and PE type.
The confrontation between Abelard and Bernard became the crystalization point that brought all these tensions to the fore.
Comments: Advanced cocoa butter with improved crystalization and temperature stability, allowing a high content of cocoa butter in formulations.
Quoted in Pinhas Ofer, "The Crystalization of Mandate Administration and the Establishment of Fundamental Principles Governing the Jewish National Home 1922-1931," in Lissak, ed.
Macs credits the crystalization of this style to Balakirev, specifically his Second Overture on Russian Themes (1864), in which the composer demonstrated how characteristic harmonic elements of folk song (which he himself collected) could be successfully wedded to the larger structural dimensions of the German symphonic tradition.