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an early radio receiver using a crystal detector

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The NAB Crystal Radio Awards recognize AM and FM radio stations for their outstanding year-round commitment to community service.
Rochow, whose interest in silicon chemistry had been triggered by building a quartz crystal radio (quartz is silicon dioxide) as a child, worked out a way to make silicones using essentially sand and methane as raw materials.
There they scrutinise Oliver Cromwell's sleeping cap, a plate from the era of Samuel Pepys and a prisoner of war's crystal radio. The question is: which will prove most valuable?
As with the quartz crystal in a watch or crystal radio set, the crystal in a QCM has a resonant frequency where it has the greatest response to an electrical stimulus.
I CAN REMEMBER the day, when I was just tall enough to see the top of the kitchen table, that my father patiently assembled a crystal radio set: a shoebox, the tube out of a toilet roll, wound with copper wire, a few bakelite knobs and the whiff of melting solder.
A polio victim whose bed-bound childhood was spent putting together crystal radio kits, he went to work after college manufacturing radio tubes first for Westinghouse, then for DeForest.
In science sessions, students built crystal radio sets, conducted egg drops and built gliders.
WFTL is owned by James Crystal Radio Group, owners of five other radio stations in South Florida.
Called the Other Branch, he will make and sell a range of about 100 handmade artifacts ranging from walking sticks and other wooden gifts to old-style crystal radio's pioneered by Midland-based Marconi.
It's automatic, with electric windows, a sunroof, power steering and a wicked original crystal radio, which is fantastic.
crystal radio and eventually the Crosley Model X vacuum tube radio led to his Crosley Radio Manufacturing Corporation, which became the largest radio manufacturer in the world by 1922.
The event will also see the presentation of the NAB Crystal Radio Awards, including the presentation of the Crystal Heritage Award to Alpha Media- owned News/Talk KFOR-AM & FM in Lincoln, Neb.
flame, and I become diaphanous as static from a crystal radio ringing
In 1968, we were halfway between the crystal radio and the Walkman.