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branched lighting fixture

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The first is at the farthest end of the restaurant, for a relatively small party, with a long rustic chef's table underneath another amazingly detailed grape vine-inspired brass and crystal chandelier almost running the length of the room.
Sourcing a crystal chandelier is easy - just head to a vintage shop or go to one of the IACF fairs where you are bound to get a good deal.
BEIRUT: Under the large crystal chandelier on the top floor of Phoenicia Hotel stood a circle of waiters receiving final instructions before they catered an evening of wonderful food and wine.
The Kitchen Parties concept has been launched alongside a new look Chef''s Table for up to 12 guests, which now features a Baccaret crystal chandelier.
His biggest hits include "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" "All I Have to Offer You Is Me" and "Crystal Chandelier." Pride was voted the Country Music Association's Entertainer of the Year in 1971, the top male vocalist of 1971 and 1972 and became a regular cast member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1993.
Swarovski Strass Crystal chandelier "This is set over my dining table, which seats 12 people.
A magnificent gold-leaf-painted domed ceiling and a brilliant crystal chandelier magnificently create the crown for the foyer.
With panoramic views of the runway and apron through the floor-to-ceiling windows, it offers comfortable seating, a mother-of-pearl reception counter, New Zealand wool carpet and an oval crystal chandelier designed by Kinney Chan from Hong Kong.
Magnus Magpie was a thief --his nesting hole full of ill-gotten gains: a dancer's 'shimmering shoe', a pinnacle from the Taj Mahal, a crystal chandelier, buttons from a button factory, as well as a myriad other things.
Under a crystal chandelier, When he's sure no one is looking
The lavish spend includes EUR1million on restaurant improvements, EUR61,000 on an opulent Waterford Crystal chandelier and a further EUR99,342 for the refurbishment of just two toilets.
There is a crystal chandelier in the Kaisersaal ballroom, cane chairs in a palm-filled winter garden, fine antiques and original works of art.
This French Directoire role and crystal chandelier, circa 1820, priced at $5400 and other antique fixtures are available at St.
NEW YORK -- Baccarat has been selected to create an 80-light, 10-foot-high crystal chandelier and four companion 48-light crystal chandeliers for the lobby of the restored Plaza Hotel.