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This cryptozoic characteristic allows them to install and proliferate abundantly [80].
alba is of great interest in that it provides yet another indication of the close affinity of a section of the Australian cryptozoic fauna with that of New Zealand." Four more species of Australian Pararchaea were described by Hickman (1969) from Tasmania, followed by the holarchaeid Holarchaea globosa (Hickman 1981), from south-western Tasmania.
Terrestrial isopods are found where the humidity is relatively high; they are nocturnal and cryptozoic. In dry weather they can be difficult to find as they can burrow into soil and deep humus.
With 38 specimens of 11 species, snakes were rarely encountered, the only exception being the small, cryptozoic Buhoma depressiceps.
Terrestrial mollusks, arthropods, and vertebrates are tolerant of desiccation and therefore are more fully terrestrial than are cryptozoic taxa such as platyhelminths, nemerteans, annelids, and onychophorans (Little 1983).
Our finding seems to corroborate recent studies suggesting that chromatic anomalies might be more common in species of crepuscular, nocturnal, cryptozoic or fossorial habits, with reduced impact for predation by visually-oriented predators (e.g.