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Cryptotermes termites were kept in polystyrene boxes with wood pieces and stored in the Incubator (26.
The Cryptotermes species did not exhibit this change in size.
The test was performed according to a Brazilian method proposed by the Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas de Sao Paulo--IPT (Technological Research Institute of Sao Paulo), named Ensaio acelerado de laboratorio da resistencia natural ou de madeira preservada ao ataque de termitas do genero Cryptotermes --fam.
2000) and the taxonomy of the genera Cryptotermes (Scheffrahn & Krecek 1999) and Procryptotermes (Kalotermitidae) (Scheffrahn & Krecek 2001) occurring on these islands.
Based on our data, these regular freezing episodes are an effective barrier that limits the insect's northern movement in Florida in the same manner that they limit other insects including Aleurocanthus woglumi (Ashby) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae), Aleurodicus dispersus (Russell) (Cherry 1979a,b) and Cryptotermes brevis (Walker) (Scheffrahn 2013).
There were 100 healthy and active nymphs of the dry wood termite Cryptotermes cynocephalus Light placed into each box.
The West Indies powderpost termite, Cryptotermes brevis Walker (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae), often hitchhikes in wooden furniture or picture frames (and thus nicknamed "furniture termite"), and is found in more regions in the world than any other termite species.
There are 14 species of drywood termites in the United States, however only 5 species have economic importance: Cryptotermes brevis (Walker), Incisitermes minor (Hagen), I.
Cryptotermes brevis will not survive in wood exposed to consistent rainfall or other free water sources.
Attraction of alates of Cryptotermes brevis (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) to different light wavelengths in south Florida and the Azores.
constitute the dominant complex of subterranean termite pests of structures in most of these areas (Edwards & Mill 1986), records of emigrations to non-indigenous locations are remarkably less common compared to pest species of Coptotermes Wasmann and Cryptotermes Banks (Gay 1967).
The West Indian drywood termite Cryptotermes brevis (Walker) (WIDT) is a serious urban pest that causes significant levels of damage to wooden structures.
As for other suspected exotic Cryptotermes, Gay & Watson (1982) determined that Cr.
Cryptotermes domesticus (Haviland): Alates were taken from a sport-fishing yacht, and 4 other colonies were found in the dead branches of living trees.