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Cryptotermes brevis (Walker), endemic to the coastal desert of Peru and Chile (Atacama), is the most economically important and widespread kalotermitid pest of dry wood worldwide (Scheffrahn etal.
Termiticidal activity of an extract of Brugmansia candida leaves against a subterranean termite Copotermes gestroi Wasmann and a drywood termite Cryptotermes cynocephalus Light.
The test was performed according to a Brazilian method proposed by the Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas de Sao Paulo--IPT (Technological Research Institute of Sao Paulo), named Ensaio acelerado de laboratorio da resistencia natural ou de madeira preservada ao ataque de termitas do genero Cryptotermes --fam.
In Indonesia, there are two termite species that attack commercial and residential buildings frequently: the subterranean termite (Coptotermes curvignatus Holmgren) and the dry wood termite (Cryptotermes cynocephalus Light).
It's okay, I tented last year." One of the problems is the confusion about termite treatments in Florida because most termite infestations relate to drywood termites, Cryptotermes brevis (Walker) (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae), for which structural fumigation is the most common remedial treatment.
(2006) avaliaram a termorretificacao da madeira de Eucalyptus grandis, submetida ao ataque do cupim de madeira seca, Cryptotermes brevis, observaram que, para as condicoes do experimento, o tratamento termico nao foi suficientemente eficaz para conceder a madeira total resistencia contra a acao dos xilofagos, sugerindo novos estudos nessa area.
Structural changes in lignin of tropical woods during digestion by the termite, Cryptotermes brevis.
Pyrolytic liquid (bio-oil), produced by pyrolyzing the shell of the palm fruit, was characterized, and its preservative properties were examined using drywood termites (Cryptotermes spp.) and blue stain fungi (Ceratocystis spp.).
To test his hunch, he and his colleagues offered big and small pine blocks to a common tropical dry-wood species of termite, Cryptotermes domesticus.
The first objective of this study was to investigate the survivorship of 4 termite (Isoptera) species that inhabit distinctly different microhabitats, including Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki (Rhinotermitidae), Neotermes jouteli (Banks in Banks and Snyder) (Kalotermitidae), Cryptotermes brevis Walker (Kalotermitidae), and Cryptoterme cavifrons Banks (Kalotermitidae).
Five wood specimens measuring 5 by 2 by 0.8 cm (length by width by thickness, respectively) were placed in the center of a glass tube (3-cm height by 1.8-cm diameter), and 50 worker dry wood termites (Cryptotermes cynocephalus Light) were introduced into the glass tube.
The West Indian drywood termite, Cryptotermes brevis (Walker) (Kalotermitidae), is a long-established and broadly distributed pest in the New World owing to 5 centuries of anthropogenic spread from its endemic Chilean/Peruvian origin (Scheffrahn et al.
The laboratory test was conducted on the resistance of furfurylated wood to the dry wood termite (Cryptotermes cynocephalus Light).
There are 14 species of drywood termites in the United States, however only 5 species have economic importance: Cryptotermes brevis (Walker), Incisitermes minor (Hagen), I.