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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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According to a report in, the cryptographers from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany announced this at the "Real World Crypto Security Conference" in Zurich, Switzerland, on Wednesday.
In their report, the cryptographers argue that giving governments "exceptional access" would expose some of the world's most confidential data and critical infrastructure ranging from the nation's power grid to financial institution to greater risk from hackers, criminals and "malicious criminal states." The paper, published Wednesday, marks the first time that the cryptographers have convened since 1997, when they successfully urged the Clinton administration not to require technology manufacturers to install a microchip in their products that would have allowed government access, even to encrypted products.
Often there isn't time for a messenger to regrow a head of hair, so cryptographers (people who specialize in coding and decoding messages) devised other ways for sending secret messages.
The technique -- known as quantum teleportation -- transmits information from one photon into another, which means it may not be much help beaming Scotty back to the Enterprise, but, according to experts, could one day enable cryptographers to transmit coded messages anywhere in the world.
The book also reports on the work of Polish cryptographers and the creation of the first programmable, digital computer, which was used in intelligence during WWII.
I make an exception for Mrs Kay Dallas who writes from Gloucester to remind us that there were many more unsung heroes of World War Two engaged on cracking German codes, beyond the now-famous cryptographers of Bletchley Park.
His book is really an attempt to show that the success of Bletchley was founded on access to spies and the capture of code books and not the work of cryptographers. The books that have been written since don't pay sufficient attention to what is a very radical thesis.
Cryptographers are kept occupied devising methods by which the keys to encrypted information can be exchanged.
5) "The DaVinci Coke." When a murder occurs in a museum, cryptographers are enlisted in a search for clues by examining the works and artifacts of Leonardo DaVinci.
"It would take a team of cryptographers at least 36 months to transcribe the bible using an Enigma machine, compared to EADS' Ectocryp product which could perform the same task in less than one second and protect the network it used at the same time."
They want it properly funded and then turned into a National Museum of Computing.The cryptographers who worked at the site, once the most secret place in Britain, are credited with helping to shorten World War Two by up to two years and save countless lives by deciphering around 3,000 German military messages a day.Most famously, a team working under the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing cracked the Nazi's Enigma code, which the Germans regarded as unbreakable.
Cryptographers won't have as easy a task this time around.
The site, created by a group that includes journalists, technologists, cryptographers, Russian and Tibetan expatriates, and Chinese dissidents, aims to increase government transparency worldwide via "an uncensorable version of Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis," according to the Federal Times.
The conference goal is to bring together top cryptographers, data-security specialists, and scientists with economists, bankers, implementers, and policy makers.
Brilliant British cryptographers, male and female chess players, historians, linguists, mathematicians, and winners of crossword puzzle contests mastered Enigma's intricacies and ciphers, then enabling Churchill and his associates to monitor what Hitler and Company were doing.