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a piece of writing in code or cipher

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Decrypting the Cryptograms. For decoding, it is necessary to possess cryptograms, the number of segments n_seg, and the parameters and initial conditions of each chaotic map ([lambda], [xl.sub.0], [sigma], [xs.sub.0]) used as ciphering keys.
Device-specific cryptograms. The cryptogram ensures that the payment originated from the card-holder's device.
Season Category 1994 1995 1996 2000 2001 Spring berries 66 14 54 insects 76 74 35 fungi 0 0 0 cryptograms 59 21 20 graminoids 83 66 50 forbs 24 tr 0 horsetails tr 9 0 vertebrates 35 26 29 Summer berries 26 17 22 insects 80 77 78 fungi 0 0 11 cryptograms 26 20 0 graminoids 91 73 33 forbs 91 27 44 horsetails tr 3 17 vertebrates 40 43 50 Autumn berries 98 98 100 99 97 insects 39 26 30 79 93 fungi 0 7 3 15 63 cryptograms tr tr tr 72 42 graminoids 41 tr 23 47 85 forbs 16 7 tr 13 73 horsetails 5 0 tr 0 0 vertebrates 9 14 27 13 3 Table 2.
Therefore, two cryptograms are generated [T.sub.1] (i, j) and [T.sub.2](i, j).
"The creation of dynamic cryptograms for every transaction with online authentication is an important feature of chip cards that provides enhanced levels of security, " says Randy Vanderhoof, director of the EMV Migration Forum.
I grew up in the Atlanta suburbs but moved to Athens in 2006, the year before Deerhunter released Cryptograms. I considered myself firmly on the Athens side of the Athens/Atlanta divide, however much that kind of thing mattered.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Flat green bowls; 2 It's Latin for 'what now'; 3 Cryptograms or ciphers; 4 Germany; 5 O.
Anti-Roman cryptograms in the New Testament; hidden transcripts of hope and liberation.
Sound problems in the opening minutes of Cryptograms took a few minutes to correct, but the mis-firing tone was set for the entire show.
Vital contributions can take odd forms: One expert in cryptogams (a type of plant) was mistakenly assigned to the Ministry of War during World War II because he was thought to be an expert at breaking codes (cryptograms).
Few cases in the history of true crime are as intriguing as that of Zodiac, a bizarre gunman in an executioner's hood, who taunts the police with dozens of letters containing eerie messages and cryptograms. Director David Fincher (Panic Room, Fight Club, Se7en) captures the story of the infamous killer who terrorised the city in the late 1960s.
"Anyone who likes to do cryptograms or word scrambles tends to be the type of people who like this work."
In his Kickshaws column (1969-1975) Dave Silverman frequently presented offbeat cryptograms for Word Ways readers to solve,
Counterpointing this displacement, however, Broccolichi inserts into his photographs the GPS coordinates of the sites, but in the form of cryptograms that, in these lunar landscapes, evoke futuristic architectures, combining sensory experience and the systems of abstract representation that make up the eminently complex definition of a place.
KEY SPECS: The host reader and CryptoRF device must both be able to duplicate each other's cryptograms before any data can be accessed or written.