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formerly recognized taxonomic group including all flowerless and seedless plants that reproduce by means of spores: ferns, mosses, algae, fungi

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Students rotated from one scientist to another, assisting with data collection, and gained insight into each scientist's particular area (wetland ecology, cryptogams, syntaxonomy, floristics, or natural history).
Eldridge and Kinnell (1997) observed that weighting cryptogam cover with respect to its closeness to the downstream boundary improved the relationship between cryptogam cover and erosion.
These are lichens and other cryptogams, with dwarf long-lived (up to 200 years), slow-growing shrubs, which are sometimes capable of producing buds at the end of the favourable period.
Cryptogam cover and physical and micromorphological properties.
By contrast, the asexual and sexual generations of mosses and vascular cryptogams obey quite different growth-laws.
Flora of the Hawaiian Islands: a description of their phanerogams and vascular cryptogams. Carl Winter, Heidelberg, Germany.
From this Psilophyton-like type were derived two lines of evolution--the lycopods, on the one hand, which retained their phylloids and dichotomous cauloids, and, on the other, all other vascular cryptogams, the pteridosperms, all gymnosperms and angiosperms.
Regardless, in the homologous theory the assumption is made that both alternating generations of an algal ancestor would be carried over, essentially intact, to land, that both would adapt (the sporophyte having presumably the greater adaptative burden), and that the sporophyte would become (at least to an extent) dependent (structurally and physiologically) on the gametopbyte (this, given our knowledge of the dependent or semidependent nature of extant sporophytes of bryophytes and, in initial stages, vascular cryptogams).
Studies on Colombian cryptogams, XVIII: The genus Stereocaulon (Schreber) Hoffmann (Lichenes).
Trichomes of the root in vascular cryptogams and angiosperms.
In a later study on Devon Island, Gold and Bliss (1995) reported that the presence of cryptogams favored the success of vascular plants by increasing nutrient availability and soil temperatures and reducing soil disturbance.
Cryptogams of the Reserva Biologica San Francisco (Province Zamora-Chinchipe, Southern Ecuador) II.
Functional traits of cryptogams in Mediterranean ecosystems are driven by water, light and substrate interactions.
Vegetated walls are rather common in Siena as in many other urban environments, and these vertical structures are colonized by primary producers (cyanobacteria, algae, cryptogams, and higher plants), a variety of primary consumers (molluscs, isopods, millipedes, and ants), and their predators, such as firefly larvae, spiders, scorpions, lizards, birds, and small mammals.