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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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As soon as it was downloaded and copied, the material was sent to America's National Security Agency "cryptoanalysis" unit in Maryland, USA.
Al-Kindi 801-873AD pioneered cryptology and cryptoanalysis. Al-Karaji (around 1000AD) proved the binomial theorem and Pascal's Triangle, using mathematical induction for the first time as far as is known.
Subsequent contributions are arranged in sections on testability and cryptoanalysis, soft computing, network performance analysis, medical informatics, hardware, wireless networks, web engineering, and pattern recognition, among other topics.
Wandell served in the Army during the Vietnam era in cryptoanalysis for the National Intelligence Agency.
Stimson had down-graded and denigrated intelligence activities, particularly that part pertaining to cryptoanalysis, with the now quaint statement: "Gentlemen don't read other people's mail." We have long since come to realize that we had darn well better read other people's mail, as much of it as we can.