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the freezing of a seriously ill or recently deceased person to stop tissues from decomposing

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Molecular biologists are the stars of this show, and they are backed by a cast of thousands: venture capitalists, biotech entrepreneurs, adoring science journalists and moonstruck bioethics advisers--not to mention an enthusiastic chorus line of transhumanists, Extropians, cryonicists, Raelians and freelance cloners.
Dennis Kowalski, of the Cryonics Institute who oversee JS's remains, said: "Cryonics is growing in popularity worldwide especially in the UK where there is the second largest group of cryonicists in the world."
In the conversations I had with the cryonicists, they were engaged, warm, and not at all made cagey by the historically staunch resistance to their theory.
Transhumanists subdivide into categories whose distinctions are not clear to the nonenhanced eye: extropians (who believe self-directed people can reverse the tendency of systems toward disorder), abolitionists (who say human suffering can be radically reduced if not eliminated), cryonicists (who want to have their bodies frozen for future resurrection), immortalists (self-explanatory), and many others.
Cryonicists freeze people in liquid nitrogen with the idea that future technologies will be sufficiently advanced that the patients can be thawed out, revived, and cured of whatever ailments, including old age, afflicted them before they entered the deep freeze.