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Synonyms for crybaby

a person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy


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a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining

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Citing the Netherlands' 1975 winner Ding Dinge Dong as his favourite Eurovision song, he told the BBC's Eurovision webpage that he wrote Cry Baby on the train to Liverpool.
Seville coach Unai Emery said: "Mourinho's behaviour is that of a cry baby.
GEMMA Abbey of Eurovision duo Jemini says their song Cry Baby, which famously came last with nul points in Eurovision 2003, has been proved to be a better song than this year's heavily-hyped entry.
The Why Cry baby analyser, a small hand-held device unveiled in Birmingham, is set to revolutionise parenting and reveal the cause of the tears at the touch of a button.
The Liverpool duo's single Cry Baby entered the singles chart at 15 a week after the band became the first British act to fail to score in the song contest's history.
Chris, who now works at Ted Baker in Liverpool city centre, says he can laugh now about his and partner Gemma Abbey's less than glorious foray into Terry Woqan territory with their song Cry Baby.
THUMBS UP With the cord fright over, Chris arrives back at hospital with gifts; NO CRY BABY Proud mum Natasha cradles little Noah; SO SPECIAL Radio 2 DJ Chris with wife Natasha
LENTIL-munching cry baby Gwyneth Paltrow has reportedly turned to a Kabbalah rabbi to rid her London home of demons.
Their single Cry Baby was last night the sixth best selling single in the city,according to record store HMV.