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Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

a very small quantity of something

a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

coat with bread crumbs

break into crumbs

remove crumbs from

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The crumb rubber track is also non-toxic and latex-free.
When crumb rubber is used in asphalt paving it is termed 'crumb rubber modifier' [18].
The aim of the tire crumb rubber characterization study was to collect tire crumb rubber material from tire recycling plants and synthetic turf fields around the U.S.
It is worth noting that different procedures and parameters can be applied to prepare crumb rubber and diatomite compound-modified asphalt binders [20].
On this basis, nanosilica can further enhance the strengths in the first two groups when crumb rubber content was 5%.
Initially, the aggregate and crumb rubber were mixed and blended with cement in dry mixing for 2 minutes.
The crumb rubber material consists of chopped or ground up tire bits, so the material itself is likely no more dangerous than a tire itself.
These all-weather surfaces contain a crumb rubber 'infill' to give them a more springy, grass-like feel.
Granulated crumb rubber from recycled tires is commonly used in the creation of artificial athletic fields, and the surface temperature of these fields can reach levels far above the ambient temperature.
The results of the testing confirm that Cork, Crumb Rubber, EcoMax, Nike Grind and TPE all meet / pass the stringent EN 71-3 criteria for all heavy metals, including lead (unit of measure: mg/kg MS).
A floor has also been built at Al Qasba's play area using crumb rubber tiles made out of 1,500 tyres.
At the same time, the regulatory requirements for crumb rubber used for modification of asphalt concrete mixes specify only requirements for granulometric composition (no more than 20% larger than 0.63 mm) and the absence of cord impurities [5], which reflect the features neither any chemical composition, nor structuredness of rubbers of different manufacturers of tires, which are grinded using various technologies.
The second primary use for recycled vulcanized rubber is ground rubber, which is also known as crumb rubber. Crumb rubber is composed of ground tires that have been separated from the steel, other reinforcing fibers, and various other fillers and contaminants.
Under the latest DNI crumb rubber industry is open to new investment with a special license and the investing company may not be sold to foreign investor and become a foreign investment (PMA) company..