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Synonyms for crucifixion

the act of executing by a method widespread in the ancient world

the infliction of extremely painful punishment or suffering


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A late 17th-century saucer is decorated with the Crucifixion of Christ and a mid 18th-century tea bowl and saucer bear the portrait of the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther.
To these early Christian writers, the crucifixion of Christ fulfils the prophecies of the Old Testament.
Caption: Above: Inside the nave, a starburst of light shines down on the crucifixion of Christ as sunlight streams through a roof supported by fluted ivory-colored columns.
The paintings signify 'light at the end of the tunnel' which tie in with the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.
The closest Bach came to opera was in his settings of the Passion story, telling of the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Christ according to the biblical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
The Nanteos Cup, an ancient wooden chalice, was rumoured to have been carried over to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, years after the crucifixion of Christ.
Muslims do not believe in the crucifixion of Christ.
For example, he connects the crucifixion of Christ, Rene Girard's theory of violence, and traditional Somali ideas about sacrifice as he reflects on ways to break the cycle of retribution.
Some of them were local church views but the majority were postcards of the Nativity story - from the visit of the Arc Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary as depicted in our first card - through to the Crucifixion of Christ on the Cross.
It is possible that the Christian churches are motivated by their historical hostility towards the Jews whom they hold responsible for the crucifixion of Christ, according to the account of the New Testament.
Among his topics are the crucifixion of Christ as a narration of grandiose moral masochism, resurrection as the victory of the cross, from the cross to the sword in the crusades, and the Holocaust's hooked cross and Christian antisemitism.
Many of the paintings reflect upon the crucifixion of Christ and upon Biblical themes viewed from a radical or feminist perspective.
Though its premise may seem to indicate a Davey-and-Goliath toon stretched to feature length, "The Lion of Judah" is actually a far stranger beast: a poorly animated, anthropomorphic animal-slapstick farce that just happens to take place during the crucifixion of Christ. Having opened June 3 in a limited 2D release with a 3D rollout to follow, pic will have to count on plenty of field trips from undiscriminating Sunday-school teachers to make much headway.