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a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office


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Datchery to himself that night, as he looked at his white hair in the gas-lighted looking-glass over the coffee-room chimneypiece at the Crozier, and shook it out: 'For a single buffer, of an easy temper, living idly on his means, I have had a rather busy afternoon!'
When the next door property came on to the market back in 1989, William and Carol White of Killingworth thought it would make the ideal home for their friends, the Croziers.
The Croziers were grateful for the tip, and moved in to the other side of their friend's semi-detached home.
Next door at number 28, when Malcolm Crozier, 44, looks out his front window he is confronted with the extension wall he feels his neighbours have built ridiculously close to his home.
Mr Crozier has a different recollection of events, saying: "I did agree to a porch and garage extension at one stage, but never to this extended lounge and wall at the front of my house.
The Whites then appealed and to Mr Crozier's horror on May 12 he received a letter from the Planning Inspectorate declaring it had found in favour of the Whites, ruling that the extension was only visible from a small part of Mr Crozier's home.
ITV's hunt for a chief executive ended yesterday after they appointed controversial Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier.
Crozier, 46, born in Falkirk, will take up the reins at ITV later this year.
The appointment of Crozier ends a period of boardroom uncertainty at the business, which has suffered from an advertising slump.
Crozier earned pounds 1million in pay and bonuses last year.