sovereign immunity

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an exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent

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Water Service, the public body which provides water and sewerage, enjoys Crown Immunity and cannot be prosecuted.
I am a direct descendant from Royalty and therefore I have Crown immunity.
A committee when faced with a valid claim of crown immunity during the course of its proceedings has complete discretion to consider the information in camera.
It may be considered appropriate, in circumstances where there is such a disregard for human safety and life that actions become reckless or criminal, to remove the current immunity enjoyed by the MoD and Special Forces, from the Crown immunity to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.
Crown immunity protects jails from the Act and Black claimed staff and lags light up in landings, laundry rooms and waiting rooms, at HMP Wymott, Lancs.
Therefore Crown Immunity applies to the supply of body armour and an export licence is not required.
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated and concluded that the circumstances would, in normal circumstances, lead to a criminal prosecution, but the Army is protected by Crown immunity, so cannot be prosecuted by the HSE.
An HSE spokesman last night said the hearing had been called because an investigation had revealed the MoD would have been prosecuted if they did not have Crown immunity.
Crown Immunity dated back to the 1960s and included government departments such as the MoD, Her Majesty's private estates, the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and the Crown Estate Commissioners.
THE Royal Mint, in Llantrisant, escaped prosecution last year because of Crown Immunity after killing 6,000 fish in the River Ely.
It also suggested tightening the legislation in a number of areas, including removing Crown immunity for this and other health and safety offences.
Amicus have said it will also oppose any attempt to make allowances for government organisations under Crown immunity.
But it could not be prosecuted because of crown immunity.
Crown Immunity bars service personnel from compensation if their illness was contracted before 1987.
Even though the Inspectorate and, laterally, the HSE, was protected by Crown Immunity from 1947 till 1987, the inspectors themselves and their bosses can still be sued for that period.