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Synonyms for cowpea

sprawling Old World annual cultivated especially in southern United States for food and forage and green manure

eaten fresh as shell beans or dried

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I can, freeze, and also dry some of my crowder peas. Follow canning instructions for lima beans.
Here if you ask for peas you'll get Crowder peas, or maybe black-eyed peas." This led to a discussion of the way words were used differently in the North and the South, and John Rieves, a pretty good word man himself, had something to say about that.
Cowpeas or crowder peas (Vigna unguiculata), collectively known as "Southern peas" or "field peas," originated in Africa and have retained their need for warm weather.
We are now busy harvesting okra, pole beans, crowder peas, peppers, eggplants, and the indeterminate tomatoes in the next garden plot.
In China, crowder peas, green beans and peppers are all popular crops to sandwich between rows of corn.
During those months, we harvest little except okra and Crowder peas. We enjoy the turnips I canned or froze in spring.
And it's not just the 'Yin Yangs.' Looking around, I find a bounty of forgotten beans worth gathering: abandoned 'French Duet' pole filet beans holding blue-black seeds, and a few 'Peking Black' crowder peas that reseeded themselves in a back corner of the garden.
In the hot, dry days of July and August, we have eggplant, okra and crowder peas.
SOUTHERN PEAS, such as black-eyed peas and crowder peas, are not peas at all but rather a type of bean that grows in warm locations.