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The chough, a member of the crow family, is considered a species of 'conservation concern'
Which member of the crow family has the Latin name Pica pica?
1 billion, approximately $675 million of which was committed by Crow Family Holdings.
A member of the Crow family is now the subject of a new project by the British Trust for Ornithology.
The cleverest of all when it comes to ingenuity and joined-up thinking is the crow family - far surpassing even dogs and a human toddler.
Large numbers of farmed pheasants inevitably attract - and probably boost the populations of - predator species such as stoats, weasels, foxes and members of the crow family.
The American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) belongs to the Corvidae or crow family, which also includes ravens, jays and magpies.
Big Fish has revamped the clotted cream brand's packaging to now feature a milk maid surrounded by Cornish imagery including choughs (a member of the crow family once common in Cornwall), waves, a lighthouse and fishing boats.
Living with the Crow family, Hosmer found herself under the same roof as her first love--a not-insignificant aspect of her decision to study in St.
Researchers looked at the parkland versus the prairie landscape and realized the increased tree cover meant an increase in avian predators, particularly in the crow family.
The area is famous for the rare chough, part of the crow family, identified by its vivid red legs and curved bill.
Birds belonging to the crow family such as magpies, crows and ravens, known as corvids, are renowned for their innovative behaviour, relatively large brains and general intelligence.
Jacobs-Jenkins first introduces the minstrel Crow family, whose five black members wear blackface and dress in cartoonish versions of plantation clothing; they are clowns, from the oversized Aunt Jemima get-up of Mammy (Baadja-Lyne) to Topsy's (Daniele Watts) nappy bush of a hairdo and Sambo's (Keith Arthur Bolden) jungle garb.
Scientists have previously noted tool use among members of the crow family, or corvids, including dropping stones on intruders or prey and using paper as a rake and sponge.
However, the founding Crow family still owns the operating company that runs the property.