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a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge

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Constable Samantha Phillips described how she saw her colleagues "desperately" trying to open the Peugeot's passenger door, borrowing a crow bar from a nearby van to help in the efforts.
"A man and a woman were approached, dragged from the car and threatened with a knife and crow bar, neither were injured."
Mohd Fauzi , who has five children, was charged with criminally intimidating his wife, Hasni Muhammad, 36, with a crow bar in his hand.
Police reported that Wheeler's wife, Deneatrice, allegedly ran into the house and grabbed her husband's crow bar and then ran back out of the home.
Brad Hughes, 24 from Trinity Avenue, Llandudno, is accused of robbing Bargain Booze in Wellington Road, Rhyl on Tuesday, armed with a hammer and a crow bar.
Words of Wisdom: Go to the Crow bar for the mega mix
A Midland couple were tied up by masked robbers wielding a crow bar and pick-axe in a raid on their home for thousands of pounds worth of jewellery.
The gun cabinets are not safes or fireproof and a determined crook could peel one with a crow bar eventually.
Women may need a crow bar to get into the door of athletic leadership, but it is well worth the extra sweat equity!"
The first Crow Bar opened in Paisley in the summer and was quickly followed by a city centre sibling on Hope Street in the basement where the Alchemy bar briefly flared.
"I've found all sorts of things from the garden including a crow bar and an old wartime water pump but never anything as exciting as this."
A high school student called the police after seeing the men in ski masks open the shop's shutter with a crow bar at around 4:05 a.m., the police said.