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United States playwright (1893-1966)

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Nader Sakha said that the ACU is one of the main components needed to assemble airbag sets in Iran, saying that the Crouse Company was ready for the commercial production of the unit in the near future.
A native to North Carolina and the Triangle Area, Crouse is excited to be part of the continued growth and development in the Durham area.
While the "dairy case will always be a destination for cheese," Crouse says, category growth is driven by the deli in general, and specialty cheese sold through the deli specifically.
Giving his maiden media briefing on recently, Mr Crouse, who took office on September 24 , said his systematic approach to his first 100 days in office would be focused on three areas of listening, learning and supporting.
Frozen sperm & egg bank California Cryobank (CCB) reported on Thursday the addition of Geoffrey Crouse to its board of directors.
Richard Niebuhr's Christ and Culture, Robert Crouse sets out to spur political theology toward new typologies of the church's relationship to culture and the social order.
When the New York Times' Karen Crouse penned an article about Tiger Woods, her advice to the golfing superstar dismayed me.
Summary: Smit Crouse has joined the IFC from Nedbank, where he led the team that coordinated the 2008 partnership with Ecobank.
In September 2012, GTCR partnered with life sciences executive Geoffrey Crouse to acquire and transform CBR.
Virginia (Crouse) Taylor '48, Princeton, N.J., August 22, 2014
While outside hackers make all the headlines, they only comprise 40 percent of data breaches, said Mike Crouse, director of insider threat strategy at Raytheon Cyber Products.
For us, the Belcoro licence is like winning an Olympic gold medal - it opens new markets up to us worldwide," says Enrique Crouse, CEO of Prilla 2000.
Timothy Crouse was a co-author of the recent revival of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, "Anything Goes" and in 2002 received an O.