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any of several lichens of the genus Parmelia from which reddish brown or purple dyes are made

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This second part, divided into three units, begins with crotales calling into space but becomes more and more agitated and emphatic.
To this end it employs choirs of Latin-singing angels, medieval bells (called crotales), lutes, recorders and an Arabic instrument called the qanun, which conjures the children's hoped-for destination.
Luego del parto, los corderos fueron identificados individualmente con crotales plasticos y se seleccionaron 30 de parto unico y de similar peso de nacimiento, los cuales fueron distribuidos aleatoriamente a dos grupos, segun peso vivo prefijado de sacrificio (10 y 15 kg) y sexo (macho y hembra), quedando los grupos conformados de la siguiente manera: grupo 10 kg con 7 machos y 7 hembras y grupo 15 kg con 8 machos y 8 hembras.
Allen Strange, an experimental electroacoustic composer, will be present to hear the world premiere of his 2003 work, "Extended Play," for a quintet of keyboard percussions, including marimbas, vibraphone, glockenspiel and crotales. The piece, described by Strange as "a sonic Frankenstein of the music of Erik Satie," was written for and dedicated to the Oregon Percussion Ensemble.
The raw energy of the opening movement, mainly centred around drums, melted into the fabulous sounds of the second movement, where crotales and vibraphone - along with tuned orchestral percussion instruments - were bowed, creating spine-chilling harmonies often beyond the range of anything hitherto heard.
In the more specialized slang of the French Grandes Ecoles, room-leaders are known as crotales ('rattle-snakes'), by synonymic relay from earlier serpent, which, according to Esnault, is by humorous distortion of sergent.
Their designated targets obliterated, the two remaining F/A-18s, too valuable to remain sitting ducks for the Crotales, are ordered to get the hell out of there.
And in "Winter," Madelyn Byrne favors bowed crotales (ancient finger cymbals) layered with a voice intoning a haiku, and the work is suitably arresting.
Murail also uses the piano, vibraphone, two crotales, and two tubular bells to evoke the attack of the bell sound.
Turning finally to shipboard missile systems, naval versions exist of some of the land-based SAMs discussed above, such as the Matra Mistral and Thomson-CSF Crotale. Regarding the latter, reports indicate that the French Navy will upgrade its Crotales with the VT-1 missile of the NG system.
Les jeunes artistes, qui se sont produit sur de nombreuses scenes au Maroc et a l'etranger, ont su conquerir les festivaliers par des chants gnaoui envoutants et les sons enivrants du guembri, tambour et des crotales.
crotales, wooden and iron castanets, tambourine, tamtam, and bells, which surely accounts for some of the opera's impressive power and brilliance (p.