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any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets

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Actual timing results are similar to the crossover cable although there is up to 3 us of dispersion.
Always LABEL the crossover cable so it can be differentiated from a standard Ethernet cable at a later date.
The D-Link DES-1009G's Ethernet ports detect whether a straight through or crossover cable has been connected to it.
The second NIC can be installed after the fact so that if there are any problems, you can always revert back to that famous "Last known good configuration." Once both Network cards are up in both nodes, the second "private" or heartbeat connection is established using a crossover cable and an internal TCP/IP address.
Apart from the adapters, you can also buy a wide range of cables including bulk cables, splitter cables, crossover cable, extension cable and much more from SF Cable.
* For 100BaseT and AFDX applications, configuration as a 16:1 multiplexer with the capability to reverse the transmit and receive pair for simulating a crossover cable connection.
The client-server topology enables remote control of the system from a laptop via a crossover cable or a LAN connection.
Even Buzz has been frustrated by "instructions" that don't cover common real-world variations, such as putting an access point on an existing LAN (the secret word is "crossover cable").
The switch also features MDI/MDIX autosensing/autocrossover technology, which eliminates the need for a special crossover cable when uplinking from one switch to another, while allowing use of any port on the switch to be used as an uplink.
This allows engineers to bring the crossover cables closer to the rail, greatly reducing wear.
The auto MDI/MDI-X crossover on all ports eliminates the need for crossover cables or uplink ports.
The faster bus speed can be maintained on up to 32 interconnected SMUs by using CAT5e crossover cables to daisy-chain the instruments.