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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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Newly designed oligomer UA6 and crosslinker M6 allow us to create UV-curable soft-feel coatings with a range of haptic sensations (Figure 4).
Unreacted crosslinkers, additives, and other components may come to the surface of some primers after they have been topcoated, particularly on baking.
However, polymerization without the crosslinker has produced completely soluble products indicating the absence of crosslinking [32], In above stages, the homopolymer radicals, polymer radicals, and crosslinker MBA are coexisting, which make the crosslinked, three-dimensional network of polymer formed (Reaction 4).
The terms of the joint venture include investing in a new manufacturing facility in Zuhai, China, where local production of CYMEL amino crosslinker resins is targeted for the end of 2015.
First group of polyurethanes was prepared in the presence of both crosslinker and catalyst.
However, since isocyanates also react with water to make urea linkages, overcharging the polyisocyanate crosslinker beyond the stoichiometric ratio for urethane formation leads to even higher crosslink density.
Membrane preparation was performed via a casting method by using 6FDA-TeMPD-BEI telechelic polyimide, which was synthesized according to our previous study [24], In this study, BEI was added into the NMP casting solution as a crosslinker. A given amount of BEI was added into the casting solution.
It was found interesting that an increase in crosslinker concentration from 0.020% to 0.16%, the swelling capacity decreases up to 70% while the swelling rate increases from 0.007g water/g dry hydrogel sec to 0.024g water/g dry hydrogel sec, respectively because there is a compromise exists between entropic spring forces between network connection points and the hydrostatic pressure of the water diffusing into the gels.
[PHA.sub.core]-[] nanogels were prepared by a SFEP method with different ratios of HA:PEGMA monomers using EGDMA as crosslinker and APS as the initiator (see Table 1).
Royal DSM has launched a new proprietary Uralac one shot matte (OSM) powder coating HAA system that delivers better reproducibility and enables lower crosslinker levels and curing temperatures than current one shot matte alternatives.
The FTIR spectral changes confirms the nucleation of [Mg.sup.2+] ions in the collagen template which is exceptionally amorphous and non-stoichiometric with evidence of high level biomimicry analogous to the natural bone mineral and the active interaction and presence of ribose as crosslinker within the collagen and MgHA heteromolecular networking as seen in Fig.
In this paper, electrochemical methods are applied to evaluate stability-related properties of polythiolsiloxane films as a function of crosslinker selection, where the crosslinker serves to simultaneously bind the base layer chains to each other as well as to activate the layer for attachment of biomolecules.
A typical gel system usually composed of two main components, namely, high molecular weight polymer and crosslinker. The crosslinking agent starts to connect itself chemically to two polymer molecules and linking them together by internal or external triggers.
12 types of NaCMC hydrogel beads were prepared via ionic crosslinking reaction using Fe[Cl.sub.3] as a crosslinker. The amounts of components used to form hydrogels are given in Table 1.
Sweden's Nexam Chemical, manufacturer of heat-activated crosslinkers for plastics, has introduced Nexamite PBO, a multifunctional additive intended for use as a chain extender and crosslinker.