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determining a person's blood type by serological methods

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Cross-matching blood only when genuinely required reduces the number of cross-matches, saves the patient from a serious transfusion reaction and it is certainly cost-effective.
13 October 2011 - Swedish life-science investor Allenex AB (STO:ALNX), formerly Linkmed, said on Thursday its unit AbSorber had obtained a US patent for the transplant cross-matching test XM-ONE.
The cross-matching was first done automatically via the website of the Ministry of Health, followed by a manual search of the database for cases not identified previously.
The practice of cross-matching allows more punters to get matched on an event when the money is not there.
Sometimes the information about the cost of waste is enough for the medical staff to be willing to collaborate with the blood-bank medical director in establishing an "autologous blood-collection schedule" analogous to the "surgical blood-order schedules" followed for pre-surgical cross-matching.
GAO has shown that cross-matching or data sharing can be a valuable management and oversight practice.