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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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Within the limitations of this in vitro study it is concluded that collagen cross-linkers improve shear bond strength at composite resin dentin interface.
In a typical experiment a known amounts of the precursor was first mixed with the cross-linker and the catalyst (dibutyltin dilaurate).
As the concentration of cross-linker increases, the degree of collapsing of particles decreases [20, 21].
Since, no reports are available on the interaction of azelaic acid with Chitosan and type -I collagen, in the present study, we attempted to prepare biopolymers using azelaic acid as cross-linker for the natural polymers chitosan and type-I collagen.
This reaction is accompanied by a change in colour (if the cross-linker is glutaraldehyde).
Because the variable regions of mouse IgG are generally almost devoid of lysine residues [Kabat Database (5)], binding will predominantly be at constant regions, minimizing interference of the cross-linker with the antigen-binding capacity of the antibody at pH 8.
After trying out several different polymer recipes and optimizing the conditions, it was found that the polymer made with ethyleneglycol dimethacrylate as cross-linker and vinylpyridine as functional monomer performed best when tested by immunoassay.
The IF-associated protein plectin has been proposed to be a cytoplasmic cross-linker (Foisner and Wiche, 1991).
For instance, methacrylic acid linked up in repeating units to form a polymer cage around the drug molecule, while a chemical cross-linker called ethylene glycol dimethacrylate strengthened the cage.
1, entitled "Salts of Isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof as anti-tumor agents" with claims directed to pharmaceutical compositions of a novel DNA cross-linker (stabilized active metabolite of ifosfamide), including palifosfamide (Zymafos([R]) or ZIO-201) and their use in treating cancer.
The debonding mechanism involves two different effects that are combined in a synergistic manner: the controlled degradation of the cross-linker transforms polymer networks into low-molecular weight polymers, and the simultaneous release of nitrogen gas propels the bonded parts away from each other.
With this aim, we replace the common cross-linker monomer (divinylbenzene, DVB) with 1,3-butanediol dimethacrylate (BDDMA) which is a more flexible monomer.
The company added the claims in the patent are directed to pharmaceutical compositions, methods of treatment and methods of making a novel DNA cross-linker, including palifosfamide (ZIO-201).
The other parameters like concentration of the cross-linker, the time and the temperature of exposure affects the cross-linking (7).
Information is included on Dantiox antioxidants and antiozonants, Dantistat antistatic agents, Dansorb UV absorbers (UVA) and stabilizers, Dancel accelerants, DC 800 cross-linker and Dansof peptizers.