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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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Since, no reports are available on the interaction of azelaic acid with Chitosan and type -I collagen, in the present study, we attempted to prepare biopolymers using azelaic acid as cross-linker for the natural polymers chitosan and type-I collagen.
Using diimido esters as a cross-linker between antibodies and protein A-Sepharose, we have developed a powerful and highly sensitive immunoprecipitation method for extracting and concentrating low-abundance proteins from human serum with minimal interference from high concentrations of total protein and human immunoglobulins.
From automatic control point of view, it is very useful to explore and determine the relationship between amount of cross-linker and cross-linking degree.
1, entitled "Salts of Isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof as anti-tumor agents" with claims directed to pharmaceutical compositions of a novel DNA cross-linker (stabilized active metabolite of ifosfamide), including palifosfamide (Zymafos([R]) or ZIO-201) and their use in treating cancer.
Films with MDI were the hardest amongst the series because of the synergetic effect of higher cross-link density and aromatic nature of polyisocynate cross-linker.
The fracking chemicals include Acids, Biocide, Breaker, Clay Stabilizer, Corrosion Inhibitor, Cross-linker, Friction Reducer, Gelling Agent, Iron Control, pH Adjusting Agent, Scale Inhibitors, and Surfactant.
A proprietary resin blend and patented cross-linker developed by PPG enable the coatings to cure rapidly, which makes them much more tolerant to moisture during the curing process than typical urethane coatings.
The other parameters like concentration of the cross-linker, the time and the temperature of exposure affects the cross-linking (7).
Information is included on Dantiox antioxidants and antiozonants, Dantistat antistatic agents, Dansorb UV absorbers (UVA) and stabilizers, Dancel accelerants, DC 800 cross-linker and Dansof peptizers.
A summary of the probe designs for both the original and modified photo-cross-linking assays, including cross-linker sites and hapten modifications, is shown in Fig.
The second cross-linker employs a newly-developed reagent based on the acyl phosphate ester of trimesic acid and offers the prospect of developing custom-designed products for a variety of applications based on differing product characteristics.
Each of these sheets is made up of three rows of eight amino acids, with a sharp turn between them, and one row of seven amino acids attached to a special synthetic cross-linker.
Palifosfamide is a novel DNA cross-linker in class with bendamustine, ifosfamide, and cyclophosphamide.
Free delivery to location and operational delivery of non-laboratory equipment:Lot 1 - animal husbandry (about 1 x cage changing mouse, approximately 1 x mouse blower unit, approximately 2 x IVC rack with cages, about 2 x bottle baskets);Lot 2 - Refrigerators and Freezers (about 2 x fridge / freezer, 4 x Freezer -26 A C, about 2 x ultra low temperature freezer -86 A C);Lot 3 - General laboratory equipment (approximately 1 x cross-linker, about 4 x Vakuumabsaugstation, about 2 x Power Supply for SDS gels, approximately 2 Eu electrophoresis, about 1x vacuum dryer with vacuum pump diaphragm, about 1 x sealer, about 2 x Power Supply for agarose gels, approximately 2 x microbiolog.