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Synonyms for hatching

the production of young from an egg

shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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Part-leather and heated upholstery, an aluminium gearlever and cross-hatch detailing can be found around the cabin.
The use of InGaAs/GaAs stripes and cross-hatch patterns (CHPs) as templates for subsequent nucleation of QDs gives rise to laterally aligned QDs.
A little more French than Spanish, the Creole-colonial theme was reinforced with Anderson windows and French doors custom-designed with transoms featuring a cross-hatch motif repeated in the front door, exterior stair and patio rails, kitchen cabinets and even on custom copper shrouds for the chimneys.
WILLOW LIVING FENCE BUILD a living fence by sticking 6ft willow rods into the ground and tying them together in a cross-hatch pattern.
I used a 20-and a 30-line-per-inch metal checkering file to cut a cross-hatch pattern into the faces of these now-flat screw heads.
Cross-hatch the whole junction in white paint, to make it more visible.
Scapa has the ability to gravure coat adhesives in a cross-hatch pattern onto a wide range of substrates.
The trust denied liability and said there were other routes, cross-hatch markings and a sign saying "Beware automatic barrier".
Tests to be featured include: viscosity (Stormer, Brookfield, Zahn), hardness (Shore, pencil, etc.), gloss and color (colorimeter, glossmeter), dispersion (Hegman, particle size analyzer), opacity (drawdown bar and cards), abrasion and scrub resistance (abrasion and scrub testors), adhesion (cross-hatch, pull-off, impact), pH, solids content, and dry time (pH meter, dry time recorder, cup and oven).
Mitchell wears padded coat by Dior (4yrs-8yrs, pounds 143-pounds 159), cross-hatch trousers by Armani (12mths-6yrs, pounds 60-pounds 66) and T-shirt by DKNY (6yrs16yrs, pounds 20-pounds 24).
Waverly showed a new base cloth with a type of cross-hatch pattern for a lot of surface interest.
The result was a controlled cross-hatch pattern of orientation that brought the transverse mechanical properties closer to those in the flow direction.
Many flex designers use a cross-hatch pattern for the reference plane(s) rather than solid copper (FIGURES 1-3).