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Synonyms for complaint

Synonyms for complaint

an expression of dissatisfaction or a circumstance regarded as a cause for such expression

a pathological condition of mind or body

a minor illness, especially one of a temporary nature

Synonyms for complaint

an often persistent bodily disorder or disease

(formerly) a loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow

(civil law) the first pleading of the plaintiff setting out the facts on which the claim for relief is based

(criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense

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Thus, the jury found in favor of F&E on the cross-complaint.
The cross-complaint asserts that the phony memo, which Grace said was merely intended as satire, libeled Torres and was intended to "otherwise attack, discredit, ridicule, embarrass or humiliate him.
What they will end up doing is filing a cross-complaint against everybody in the valley who pumps water.
The actions also included serving the tree-sitter with a form cross-complaint of trespassing.
The judge's discovery sanction terminated our case and directed the jury to award damages to the MTA on their cross-complaint, based on a ruling of discovery abuse.
DeviceVM, a privately held software company offering Splashtop[TM], an award-winning instant-on software platform, today announced that it has filed a cross-complaint against Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
The attorney defending Carney in the girl's lawsuit filed the cross-complaint, but Grimes said last week that he is considering taking over that aspect of the case.
Gradient will be filing its amended cross-complaint in the next 20 days and fully expects to present its claims against Byrne and Overstock to a Marin County jury.
If it is approved, the port would be able to amend an earlier, far narrower cross-complaint filed in response to Kajima Engineering's suit over the bridge removal.
The motions to dismiss (which did not involve Gradient) were filed by four current and former Overstock board members who had been sued in a cross-complaint filed by Rocker Partners (now known as Copper River Partners).
said today it has filed a cross-complaint against the online retailer Overstock.
A Los Angeles woman who was named in a ticket broker injunction filed a cross-complaint in October, claiming a ``secret agent'' of the academy called her seeking a Governor's Ball ticket, then illegally recorded the conversation.
Nokia has filed a cross-complaint against three principal Shareholders for fraud.
He said nothing the city did or didn't do caused the flooding, and that it will be filing a cross-complaint of its own.
This class action originated on July 19, 2006, when uninsured patient Phillip Franklin filed a class action cross-complaint against Scripps Health, a not-for-profit hospital system based in San Diego, after Scripps sued Mr.