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Synonyms for crossbreed

(genetics) an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock

breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties

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Lonyangapuo said the bulls will also help in cross-breeding animals along the borders.
The petition said the existing exotic bulls should be sterilised to prevent cross-breeding. (ANI)
(2009) who worked on Brahman cross-breeding and Simmental cross-breeding obtained the values of 0.53, 0.263, 0.684 and 0.05, 0.35, 0.60, respectively.
CROSS-BREEDING of dogs over thousands of years has made it extremely difficult to trace the ancient genetic roots of today's pets, according to a new study led by Durham University.
The centre, which houses animals including white tigers and bears, have been grazing zebras and donkeys together on the same fields for more than 30 years without any known cross-breeding, until now.
He said other studies in West Texas have found no hybridization, while another showed a cross-breeding rate of as much as 24 percent on one ranch.
Scientists at research body Teagasc also found cross-breeding was making them easier to control during milking.
A US team made the breakthrough by cross-breeding a farmed variety with one from the wild containing 15 per cent more nutrients such as zinc and iron.
Norwegian Red sires the 'Norstein': One result of cross-breeding Holsteins is the Norstein.
However, there are real risks associated with cross-breeding any animals regardless of the methods, whether it be selective breeding or transgenic crossing.
According to Seminis, company researchers are currently cross-breeding the broccoli plants that have high levels of glucosinates (a naturally occurring cancer-fighter) with commercial varieties adapted to important production areas.
Some of the loveliest dogs I know are the results of cross-breeding.
Though both crops belong to the diverse Cucumis genus, this is the first successful cross-breeding by conventional methods within the 32-member species.
In addition, researchers have observed cross-breeding taking place between native and nonnative species of dandelion.