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Synonyms for crossbreed

(genetics) an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock

breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties

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His land, like the rest in the county, is characterised by rocky outcrops and bushy thickets, which inhibit growth of pasture."I had indigenous cattle breeds which grazed in the fields, but when I decided to introduce the cross-breed dairy cows, my biggest worry was where to find fodder," says the farmer who owns nine acres.
Buyers should check what health tests and certificates there should be from the parent dogs, even if they are buying a cross-breed, and ideally the puppy should be micro-chipped.
The bantams Vader, Jane and Mop and the particularly friendly cross-breed Charlie, were stolen in the raid some time between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when thieves scaled the roof and broke through the netting.
Maguire has the white cross-breeds chained up outside his home in Inch, near Gorey, Co Wexford.
Injection-machine designers in Japan and Germany could have been inspired by that mythical beast when they created a mechanical cross-breed of a hydraulic and a servo-electric clamp.
Balanchine is partly a product of Soviet training, and his association with Diaghileff, a member of the old regime, seems to have brought about in him a cross-breed spirit which expresses itself largely in allegory and fantasy of an obscure, muddled type.
CAN you give a new home to Juliet, a very affectionate and small cross-breed middle-aged dog who is fit and healthy?
The seven-year-old cross-breed rescue dog, seen getting his coat blow dried, is one of a new generation of pooches around the country falling for the growing trend for canine grooming.
One of them is Casper - a seven-year-old cross-breed.
The dog, a cross-breed terrier named Scruff by the RSPCA, is now in the hands of the animal charity.
One, Ghengis, an 18-month-old bearded collie cross-breed, came from Bryn-y-Maen animal centre, Colwyn Bay and now lives in Penmaenmawr.
The Japanese Akita cross-breed attacked a passer-by in the early hours of yesterday morning, after killing another dog.
LOUIE is a four-year-old cross-breed. He is excitable in the kennel environment so doesn't always show off his lovely nature to passers-by.
Police have been hunting what is believed to be a puma - but it could be a mountain lion, lynx, panther or cross-breed.
The woman, 57, walked through an underpass when the unleashed cross-breed ran at her labrador, leaving it with deep neck wounds.