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a member of the House of Commons who does not vote regularly with either the government or the Opposition

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And Baroness Flather, who on Thursday gave up the Conservative whip to sit on the cross-benches, said Mr Hague should have found "other ways of dealing" with Lord Cranborne.
He also accepted a peerage but sat on the cross-benches rather than with Labour.
Having refused three offers of a baronetcy (protesting that he would accept a title if it were hereditary), he finally accepted a barony (~for my boys' sake') in 1883 and took his seat on the cross-benches in the House of Lords.
Plaid does not have enough members in the Lords to form an official group so Mr Wigley will take his place alongside Lord Elis-Thomas on the cross-benches.
The moves came after a day which saw four front bench resignations from the Conservative ranks in the Lords, and another Tory peer resigning the party whip to sit on the cross-benches.
Lord Rowe-Beddoe, pictured in front of the WMC, who sits on the cross-benches in the House of Lords, said of the financial backing: "That has done more to make people realise they have to perform and step up to the mark.