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street crossing where pedestrians have right of way

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Engineering Design Technologies did not make a cross walk part of its proposal; further, it gave the option of either covered or surface parking for the 300 spaces it would provide.
Two men forced their way inside a home on Cross Walk, Tividale, at 10.30am on Saturday and struck a 77-year-old lady before hitting her 80-year-old husband with a walking stick, causing a head injury.
Toys can also be dropped off to Kiwanians at Cobblestone Commons located downtown on the parade route near the cross walk. Cash donations will also be accepted.
If this were a Broadway show, his imperious grace would assume first position on the corner, maybe a pas de bourree couru through the cross walk, ending with a Grand Jete front of an American flag composed entirely of neon lights.
The 35-year-old actress was taken to a local hospital for treatment, while the driver was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a cross walk, Fox News reported.
They also have asked police to install a temporary cross walk in the area of the deli.
The recommended practice RP-8 does not have any standards for cross walk illumination requirement.
Before presenting my suggestion, I opened with the statement, "I know you voted down my children signs; however, there's been nothing since the 10 commandments, even etched in stone, that couldn't be changed, so I ask for your continued consideration." I stated that I had seen the new signs for the walking trails denoting the cross walk on the main drag (a silhouette of two people walking).
CUTLINE: (PHOTO) Students at the College of the Holy Cross walk by St.
The tool will also support the current initiative to award college credits for Army training, in conjunction with partners in higher education, by providing a cross walk of Army training to higher education credits.
Donations have been given to community organizations such as The Children's Home Society, Cross Walk, Hutton Settlement, and last year's event raised over $10,000 for Ronald McDonald Charities of Spokane.
It's a five-way cross walk, flooded with businessmen, schoolgirls in uniform, tourists, and bicyclists.
From the Butter Cross walk to the lych gate and enter the churchyard (Map 128/082245).
Three Mile Battle of Neville's Cross walk starts 1.30pm, Sunday, Durham Johnson School.
The men and women of hate may have let the girls of Holy Cross walk to school unmolested - but their violence is never far away.