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Synonyms for crossroads

a community of people smaller than a village


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a crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made

a point where a choice must be made

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This is something that needs to be highlighted widely and investigated why pedestrians cross roads from non-marked points.'
Cross Roads House is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to ending homelessness.
The Federal Penal Code allows traffic prosecutors to hold pedestrians, who cross roads from non-designated areas and cause accidents resulting in injuries or property damage, liable and refer them to court, the police official added.
Major Al Dossary urged motorists to drive carefully and not to endanger lives, saying they should not use mobile phones while driving as pedestrians could cross roads unexpectedly.
Bin men cross roads day in, day out and then some pen pusher tells them it's dangerous?
Most of the pedestrians cross roads while running through the traffic which create hurdle for the motorists.
As the child travelled he reached a cross roads and due to the damage became disorientated.
He attributed the accidents to a lack of traffic awareness among certain Asian workers, who cross roads from non-designated areas.
Awareness campaigns are targeting pedestrians who cross roads in non-designated areas as 41 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents last year.