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Synonyms for sprayer

a worker who applies spray to a surface

a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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The 15th century Bidford Bridge was damaged by a crop sprayer on June 9 |
Crop sprayer Mr Fisher was spotted an hour later clinging to a buoy 30 yards from the beach at Sea Palling, Norfolk, which was packed with sun-seekers.
Development criteria for an air-assisted ground crop sprayer. In A.
Children can build a tractor with a plough, a combine harvester, or a tractor with a crop sprayer.
One pass with a crumbler roller after working with the subsoiler leaves the land ready for planting," he explained.He added, "Clearing the necessary weeds for planting can be achieved by using a cultivator (mechanical method), or crop sprayer (chemical method) before planting.
I think a fly past by a crop sprayer. That way all the parasites will be well rid of!
I could play poker, but the little fella is keen to do his aeroplane impression (it must be a crop sprayer judging by the amount of liquid dribbling down).
The location of a sprayer within a vineyard is very straightforward compared to a field crop sprayer. Using a perennial crop in rows may only require the use of transponder systems to identify row location, although GPS techniques have become very inexpensive when sold en masse, as is shown by the use of car-navigation systems and hand-held GPS systems.
pounds 470 Krone KR125 round baler, pounds 460 PZ 300 haybob, pounds 460 PZ haybob, pounds 450 International 474 2wd tractor, pounds 450 Kidd Clipper 240-2c mower, pounds 450 Opico 280 grain dryer, pounds 450 Richardson horsebox, pounds 440 Grays multi harrow, pounds 440 Hardi crop sprayer, pounds 440 Fahr KM22 mower, pounds 440 John Deere ride on mower, pounds 430 Twin axle car trailer, pounds 420 ABT bale wrapper, pounds 410 IAE turning crate, pounds 410 IAE calf creep, pounds 410 Bale trailer, pounds 400 Grays multi harrow, pounds 400 Lawrence Edwards bale wrapper, pounds 400 Land drive lime spreader, pounds 400 Twin axle brash trailer.
Except in North Warwickshire, it seems, where a local farmer tells me that the bug brought his crop sprayer to a resounding halt on the appointed date - a fact confirmed by the manufacturers.
"I've had the farm three years now, and I mainly drive the 24-metre crop sprayer."
Tanker, pounds 420 Ifor Williams Car Trailer, pounds 410 Bucket Yard Brush, pounds 400 Hardi Crop Sprayer, pounds 390 Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer, pounds 380 & pounds 350 Hen Houses, pounds 350 Car Trailer, pounds 340 Mitsubishi Shogun, pounds 320 Platform Crate, Vauxhall Astra, pounds 310 Dog Kennel, pounds 300 Dual Wheels, Parmitter Bale Unwinder.
chemical tank, two front-mounted MS18 wheel motors with DYNA+ brakes provide effective stopping power to this row crop sprayer. The brakes are actuated by a VB brake valve adapted to utilize the AGCO foot pedal and linkage assembly.
One of the first products shown by Case IH is the new high ground clearance self-propelled SPX4260 Patriot sprayer designed for use as a post emergent crop sprayer. The SPX4260 Patriot sprayer has a gvwr of 20,000 lb., top speed of 30 mph and a choice of 1000 or 1200 gal capacity spray tanks.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 13, 2019-: Crop Sprayers Market To Grow At A Significant CAGR As The Scope And Its Applications Are Rising Enormously Across The Globe Till 2023 | Million Insights