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(Greek mythology) the supreme god until Zeus dethroned him

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Preinoculation of treated seeds with all three Cronos Technologies promoted nodulation (number and biomass) that was not significantly different from the peat-based inoculant control applied at planting, but was significantly higher than either the uninoculated or the N controls, even when inoculation was performed as early as seven (CronosNod) or 35 (CronosTSI) days before planting (Table 4).
However, he discovers from the deadly-wounded god Poseidon (Danny Huston) that Hades, ruler of the underworld and of Tartarus, has betrayed and imprisoned Zeus in order to liberate their common father Cronos in exchange for immortality.
Cronos Ltd, a leading container leasing and management company, announced today that it received a majority equity investment from funds affiliated with Kelso & Company (EoACA[pounds sterling]KelsoEoACA[yen]), one of the oldest and most established firms specializing in private equity investing.
Agire come la falce di Cronos (Acting Like the Sickle of Cronos) seems at first to consist only of a thin orange rope that hangs from the ceiling.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-2 December 2008-Swedish credit management services firm Intrum Justitia AB acquires French companies Cronos group and SSE(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Intrinsyc Software International Inc (TSX:ICS), a wireless software solutions provider, announced on Friday (10 October) that Shanghai RagenTek Communication Technology Co Ltd, a GSM/GPRS and smartphone solution provider, has launched a Smartphone named 'Cronos' in China incorporating Intrinsyc's Soleus software platform.
Her credits since 1973 include del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth," his ghost tale "The Devil's Backbone" and his breakout pic "Cronos."
ValiRx holds the rights to GeneICE through its subsidiary, Cronos Therapeutics Ltd, which has an exclusive worldwide license agreement with Imperial College Innovations.
Abox set comprising director Guillermo Del Toro's other two films - Cronos and The Devil's Backbone - is also available.
Heinz Frozen & Chilled Foods in Okehampton, Devon has recently installed a high speed twin lane Cronos Tray Sealing machine, supplied by Planet Flowline Ltd of Maxey, Peterborough, for a range of frozen desserts in 95mm diameter round trays.
All the indicators on the extended list will be retained by Eurostat in a publicly-accessible data base (New Cronos) and on an Internet site dedicated to structural indicators.
MetaPartners has provided real estate services for high tech/biotech companies such as Global Knowledge, Trimeris, Nitronex, Silicon Wireless, Zoom Culture, nTouch Research, Labcorp, SdQuest, Cronos Integrated Microsystems and many more.
Fisher Controls Regulator Division of Emerson Process Management has introduced the Cronos Series natural gas regulator to North America.
"What impressed me was Cronos's turn of foot in the latter stages.
JDS Uniphase of Neapean, Ontario, will buy Cronos Integrated Microsystems, San Jose, Calif., for $750 million in stock....