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English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)

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Malcolm Macdonald, co-author of the recent publication, The Darkest Dawn: The Story of the Iolaire Tragedy, said: "The Stornoway Historical Society is delighted that the recent discovery of walls belonging to the 17th Century Cromwellian fort, establishing the precise location, permits historians to mark the site for posterity."
The Cromwellian staircase leads up to the first floor where there are four double bedrooms, two of which have en suite shower rooms.
Henry Reece's book The Army in Cromwellian England 1649-1660 seeks to rectify this situation by exploring the impact of the standing army on English society during the Interregnum.
Penned and created by Peter Flannery, the new series features a four-part-run that will cover the story of the lewd Nell Gwyn and the end of Cromwellian austerity.
He also describes the Cromwellian Campaign in Ireland, the Penal Laws, houses and huts where Mass was observed, the Hedge Schools, the role of priest hunters, prisons where priests were kept, crosses, and other aspects of the period.
This article will offer a reconsideration of ideological conflict during the Cromwellian invasion of Scotland.
The second half of the seventeenth century saw dramatic changes take place in the aftermath of the Cromwellian upheaval, with the depositions proving to be a valuable window into the local experience of war.
And Welshman Henry Reece, author of The Army in Cromwellian England, 1649-1660, has been awarded the Samuel Pepys Award Trust Prize for 2013.
Another entry that was submitted said that Britain under the Cromwellian Protectorate had been a piranha state.'( ANI )
The remains, which could date to the 1652 Cromwellian Wars, were unearthed by Galway City Council builders.
With the collapse of the Cromwellian military dictatorship and the restoration of constitutional government under Charles II there was a demand that those who had taken part in the judicial murder of Charles I should be brought to justice: how this was done is the story told here.
Its local name is the Cromwell sycamore, thought to come from Cromwellian troops billeted at Houghall manor house.
Visitors can purchase a wide selection of decorative items such as Edwardian post boxes, original Cromwellian suits of armour, Japanese kimonos, colourful Persian tribal rugs and vintage children's dolls.
This enjoys a degree of success, but it is particularly weak in covering the Cromwellian period, which is discussed in only one paragraph.
The pub also houses a priesthole dating back to Cromwellian times.