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English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)

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"But this relation you mentioned -- do you wish me to speak to him?" said Mazarin, who was anxious to make a friend about Cromwell's person.
Mazarin looked at the young man, but at the fire which shot from his glance he bent his head; then, embarrassed how to continue such a conversation, he opened Cromwell's letter.
Oliver Cromwell considered it more expedient to declare himself to a mind as intelligent as Mazarin's than to a queen admirable for firmness, without doubt, but too much guided by vain prejudices of birth and of divine right.
Mordaunt," said the cardinal, raising his voice, as if to arouse the dreamer, "my reply to this letter will be more satisfactory to General Cromwell if I am convinced that all are ignorant of my having given one; go, therefore, and await it at Boulogne-sur-Mer, and promise me to set out to-morrow morning."
Cromwell makes you an important person as ambassador; come, tell me, what can I do for you?"
*An Horatian ode upon Cromwell's return from Ireland.
This Harcourt Miniature - dating from 1657, the year before Cromwell died - is believed to be the image from which all later portrayals of the man who overthrew the British monarchy were derived.
Later Rich is asked by Oliver Cromwell, "What kind of thing would you repeat or report?" "Oh, nothing said in friendship," he replies.
Oliver Cromwell, soldier; the military life of a revolutionary at war.
and Sullivan & Cromwell, one of the nation's largest and most prominent law firms.
It reminded me of the story of when Cromwell and his Roundheads met King Charles I and his Cavaliers in many battles during that bad time in English history.
Randolph, NJ, June 08, 2018 --( Brighton Cromwell is pleased to announce the company will again exhibit at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris, France from June 11 - June 15.
Simmons described James Cromwell's role in Season 2 of the Starz spy thriller.
Ariel Property Advisors has been retained toSell 1408 and 1414-1424 Cromwell Avenue, a new development site and commercial building near the recently rezoned Jerome Avenue district in The Bronx.