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a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone

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"Cromlechs are found in a number of different forms.
In England as well as Wales, cromlechs and standing stones attracted attention, but here interest tended to center on Stonehenge.
Whether these sites take the form of cromlechs in Southern England, the menhirs in Brittany, the Olmec heads in Mexico, the Moai of Easter Island, or the pyramids of ancient Egypt and Meso-America the arts and the humanities have historically been bedfellows with various branches of sciences and technology.
Similarly, the terms dolmens, menhirs, and cromlechs, words of Breton or Welsh origin that mean stone table, long stone, and stone circle, seem to be full of mystical content.
The megaliths include large, free-standing upright stones, called menhirs: covered graves, called dolmens: semicircular or quadrangular stone enclosures, called cromlechs: and rows of lined-up menhirs, called alignments.
Along the path you can see many reminders of this maritime tradition from the Neolithic cromlechs and Iron Age promontory forts to the churches and chapels of the seafaring early Celtic saints and their followers.
Work by Su Walls is on show at Colwyn Bay Library, exploring a closer look at the local landscape in and around Gwynedd, focusing on cromlechs and standing stones.
To conclude this brief contextualization of the site, it can be said that the presence of various dolmens and cromlechs in the Jaizkibel mountains bear witness to the establishment of productive populations at this site since Prehistory.
There are at least 16 cromlechs, standing stones or megaliths called Carreg Arthur or Maen Arthur in Wales and at least 31 Coetan Arthur or Arthur's Quoits and other mountains, hills, caves and wells named after the war leader or his knights.
The island positively bristles with pagan vibes, with the remains of round huts, burial mounds and cromlechs liberally dotted here and there.
Iron Age hill forts, cromlechs, the remnants of field patterns - all these things fascinate him.
A prosperous pharmacist at Bangor, Griffith also published a Portfolio of Photographs of Cromlechs (1900).