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Is it that crofting is a bit odd-one-out in the "industrial agriculture model" favoured by the farmers' union and Scottish Government?
It gave crofting communities the right to buy their own land.
The boutique art-house distributor Milestone Film & Video, which already deserves a medal for restoring and recirculating such lost classics as Mikhail Kalatozov's I am Cuba and Pier Paolo Pasolini's Mamma Roma, has released to video Powell's gorgeous 1937 first release, The Edge of the World (beautifully restored by the British Film Institute), the story of two clans torn apart in a tiny Scottish Isles crofting community.
lRichard Fox will have his first ride in the royal colours when he partners Maroon's stablemate Crofting in the ten-furlong heat at Newcastle tomorrow.
The former clan members were reformed into a crofting community -- a population of only partly subsistence farmers who would pay a cash rent for land allotted to them by their landowner.(1) And the region as a whole was increasingly drawn into international networks of trade and communication.
Councillors are also urging ministers to find a permanent solution to effectively manage the greylag goose population alongside crofting.
the biggest difficulty is persuading communities and crofting townships, which have acres, to part with some land.
"Similarly, we will continue our work with Scottish Government on the Crofting Bill to ensure Scotland's crofters can get the best out of crofting law reform."
Sea walls erected to protect the beaches of Scotland's Western Isles may be putting at risk the islands' ancient crofting way of life, according to research published in Geology.
The traditional, thatched crofting houses were restored after the last remaining residents of Gearrannan were moved out in 1974.
Parliamentarians have been raking in extra cash doing everything from advising drinks firms to crofting, according to research by the Sunday Telegraph.
The selected candidate would also get a car allowance to cover the crofting townships and cottages scattered along the road between Toscaig, in the south, and Kenmore on the north coast road - a distance of about 20 miles.
He had an interesting background, coming from a crofting community near Durness on the extreme north coast of Scotland and is thought to have used his skills solely in Huddersfield.
The singer chose to stay in the tiny crofting village of Elgol, on Skye.