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a very wealthy man

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Crews will upgrade the existing natural gas main and service connections on Croesus Avenue in Los Angeles.
Faced with imminent war against Persia, King Croesus wanted to know which of the known seers and oracles of his time was the best.
Cyrus had already secured victory by granting Miletus's request for special privileges as they had enjoyed Croesus, while denying the same requests from the other cities.
Provided these four themes, the present study is divided into six stepwise sections that lead from the meeting between Solon and Croesus in Herodotus's Histories to a study of the speeches of Socrates and Alcibiades in the Symposium.
Translator's Note: Croesus, king of Lydia from 560 BC to 547
With apologies to Croesus, gold has slipped to third place.
This time, Kwan's keen social scalpel reveals the ultra-rich of mainland China: newer than nouveau riche, richer than Croesus, so over the top and power-mad that they make the jaded, older-moneyed Singporeans look downright dowdy.
She's as rich as Croesus thanks to a badly-written trilogy of books that, luckily for her, tapped into the public psyche.
An oracle to Croesus, for example, informs the king that if he makes war on the Persians he will "destroy a mighty empire" (1.53).' Croesus assumes that this is a green light to attack, but when his campaign ends in defeat, the true meaning of the prophecy becomes clear: the mighty empire he would destroy is in fact his own.
Aristoddlers Presents: The Greedy King is a children's picturebook adaptation of the Greek story of King Croesus and the wise man Solon, as written by Herodotus in "The Histories" during the 5th century B.C.E.
If it weren't for those police officers, you would continue to take Croesus, who built villas worth millions of dollars in yzmir and used non-disposed sums to buy mansions from E[currency]erizar, as Aaron...
I can say, with hand on heart, that the only major conspiracy I saw was the one which everyone seemed engaged in, which involved self-enrichment beyond the dreams of Croesus whilst not giving a tinker's cuss about the impact our actions had on society as a whole.
This art-hoarding friend belongs to what we might call the Compassionate Croesus Crowd, the American version of la gauche caviar, the sturgeon-roe-gobbling left in France.
The 2,500 year old piece is part of a treasure trove of goods belonging to King Croesus and, following its illegal removal and colourful history, the trinket is at last to be restored to Turkey and placed safely in a new national museum.