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El tuberculo de la troclea esta parcialmente roto del lado lateral, en el caso del CFM- 3555 posiblemente causado por el ataque de un Crocodylidae ya que estos se encontraron asociados a gran cantidad de restos de cocodrilos.
As Sanchez and his team reveal, Venezuela's fossils include all the families of crocodile species that still exist all over the world today: the Crocodylidae, the so-called true crocodiles; the Alligatoridae, which, besides the true alligators, also include caimans; and the Gavialidae, which are characterized by their extremely long, thin snouts and are only found in Southeast Asia nowadays.
Smith, 1849) -- 1 * Dendroaspis polylepis (Gunther, 1864) Viperidae * Bitis arietans (Merrem, 1820) -- -- Crocodiles Crocodylidae * Crocodylus niloticus Laurenti, 1768 -- -- Note: * Species reported to be present by the local people but not recorded during this survey.
Ymlusgiaid ydyn nhw, ac maen nhw'n perthyn i deulu'r Crocodylidae.
2 21 Thecadactylus rupicauda Lagarto 1,2 Familia IGUANIDAE 22 Anolis biporcatus Lagarto 1,4 23 Anolis tropidogaster Lagarto-Lobito 1,4 24 Basiliscus basiliscus Pasarroyo 1,2 25 Iguana iguana Iguana 1,2 Familia SC1NCIDAE 26 Mabouya mabouya Lagarto azul 1,2 Familia TEIIDAE 27 Ameiva ameiva Lagarto 1,2 28 Cnemidophorus lemniscatus Lagarto 1,2 29 Tupinambis teguixin Lobo pollero 1,2 Orden CROCODYLIA Familia ALLIGATORIDAE 30 Caiman crocodilus fuscus Babilla 1,2 Familia CROCODYLIDAE 31 Crocodylus acutus Caiman Aguja 1,2,3 Orden TESTUDINATA Familia CHELONIDAE 32 Eretmochelys imbricata Tortuga Carey 1 (km 36) Familia DERMOCHELYIDAE 33 Dermochelys coriaceae Tortuga Canal l(km.
shtwl) on the Crocodylidae, does include an entry for C.