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The purpose of this report is to briefly describe the crocodylian taxa diagnosable from this unit based on material deposited in the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, Texas Memorial Museum, Austin, Texas (TMM).
2011): A new crocodylian from the late Maastrichtian of Spain: Implications for the initial radiation of crocodyloids.
2008): New material of the alleged oldest Diplocynodon from the Late Paleocene of northeastern France: revision and implications for crocodylian dispersal.
Sauropterygians are completely extinct and have no living descendantsAaAa so I was amazed to see that nearshore species with limbs that resemble those of terrestrial animals had ears similar to crocodylians and that the fully-aquaticAaAaAeAc flippered plesiosaurs had ears similar to sea turtles,"  added.
This example is followed by four portraits of the four different types of reptiles: crocodylians, tuatara, lizards, worm lizards, and snakes, and turtles and tortoises.
Miocene fossil vertebrates, including selachians, turtles, crocodylians and diverse mammals (e.