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As one of the highly endangered crocodilians in the world, Chinese alligators have been secured with the maximum effort of Chinese and international law over the past years (Wan et al., 1998).
Reintroduced animals also present higher survivorship than wild animals of the same cohort, since survivorship in crocodilians is size related (Rootes, 1989; Elsey et al., 1992).
The building housed crocodilian reptiles that were cared for by Robbie Keszey, who alongside his brother, Stephen, hosted the Discovery Channel reality show Swamp Brothers , which aired in 2011 and 2012.
Modern crocodilians mostly are built for the water's edge.
DWA licenses have been issued by Powys County Council for an ostrich, and by Bridgend County Borough Council for 80 wild boar, by Monmouthshire County Council for "a maximum of eight bison, 16 ostriches and five vipers, cobras, helodermas and crocodilians."
Like all crocodilians, the caiman has hard bony scales that serve as body armor.
Crocodilians, which include alligators, crocodiles and caimans, live in tropical and temperate regions worldwide and are top predators in watery environments.
She points out that during the Mesozoic era, which started about 251 million years ago, ancestors of birds and crocodilians diversified into a great variety of forms.
Alligators & Crocodiles of the World A crocodile specialist will take the audience from the birth of crocodilians to adulthood.
Once nearly driven to extinction by demand for their skins, crocodilians of South American swamps are now on the road to recovery, and trade is occurring at well-managed and controlled levels.
Crocodilians feature high vocal and hearing capacities and their sexual and parental interactions are marked by different vocalizations (Wever 1971, Vergne & Mathevon 2008, Benko & Perc 2009, Wang et al.
The two species are the most abundant crocodilians in the Brazilian Amazon (VASCONCELOS, 2005).