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The California Critical Thinking Skills (CCTS) Test Form B was used to evaluate the participants' critical thinking abilities.
While there are many other definitions, I prefer this one because it is simple, focuses on the reason for critical thinking (to form a judgment), and identifies the need to analyze information.
Thus, in the broader sense, to meet the challenges of the 21 century, schools have to prepare well-informed and active citizens, and it is impossible without promoting critical thinking (Islin and Turner, 2002).
Dr Naheed Zia Khan, the chief guest on the occasion, in her closing note emphasised that genuine thinking was the essence of humanity and that developing critical thinking skills was the way forward for intellectual growth of Pakistan's academic culture where the development of real ideas was still a challenging task.
The Air Force approach to develop critical thinking has primarily consisted of formal training classes, such as the Critical Thinking and Structured Analysis course at Goodfellow AFB, Texas.
Those who will attend the 'Critical Thinking School' will be provided with free classes as well as the opportunity to take part in work with lecturers, prominent intellectuals from BiH, the region and beyond.
Paul Hurd, in the article "The State of Critical Thinking Today," written for The Critical Thinking Community web site (, examined the current state of critical thinking in higher education.
A Solomon four-group design was used in each of our three studies of concept mapping as a technique for facilitating critical thinking. Each of the three studies involved approximately 240 students enrolled in four sections of an introductory psychology course.
Following are three thoughts on critical thinking, that all employees should take heed.
THE TERM "critical thinking" is used quite commonly, but how many people (including teachers) can articulate a reasonable conception of critical thinking or detail how they use it in any part of their lives?
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